published by Maria English Society

This only book will benefit readers in 3 ways:
1. to know the methods of studying the language
2. to understand the reasons behind the rules
3. to get the really current, complete and up-dated information about modern English

There are 29 tutorial videos to help readers understand the lessons

Few people realize there is a special, important technique of studying grammar: to look for the reasons behind the rules.

This book offers a series of complete, systematic knowledge that a successful learner should possess. Each lesson will deliver some valuable hidden knowledge to the learners, who will find themselves turning much brighter in a short time.

Learners of all levels will hence gain complete confidence in writing correct English after reading the book.

 Book Reviews

Professor Wing Lau This book teaches those who use English as a second language the basic grammar and sentence structures. It is the very foundation that one needs to build on if one were to write fluent and comprehensible English. What flows in one’s writing is not just ideas and imaginations, but the confidence in manipulating words which readers can make sense of. The author knows this very well and it is reflected fully in this book. The illustrations employed here are creative and, in many ways, unique. The author might not have been explicit in telling the readers what to write, which could otherwise restrict one’s writing skill development, but he has certainly emphasized strong enough what not to write to avoid writing bad English. This is an important concept in modern day language teaching. I fully recommend this book to those who want to head off in the right direction to learn the language. Professor Wing Lau, Head of Design and Special Projects, University of Oxford

Professor Adam Lui This is an interesting and innovative book that everybody should possess. Grammar is the foundation of English learning. The author is an experienced person who obtains his knowledge in English through practical ways. A sharp observer, as well as a practical teacher, his skill in teaching English is invaluable and highly effective. Professor Adam Lui, Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Joel Ozretich “English for the Eager Learners” provides a good, step-by-step explanation of English grammar for English learners and teachers, starting with easier concepts and moving on to the more challenging grammatical structures. The textbook follows a fairly logical order in introducing English grammar and presents clear, easy-to-understand explanations with encouraging, and sometimes funny examples and practice exercises. The short reading passages include a variety of different writing styles and sources, from amusing everyday stories to speeches and writing by famous literary or public figures. Overall, “English for the Eager Learners” is a thorough introduction to English grammar and can also serve as a good reference book for students and teachers to review specific grammar concepts. While the overall tone and purpose of the book is a little unclear (To practice American or British English? Everyday or academic English?), perhaps that is the point. It seems that the author or authors want to provide a variety of examples of English language and grammar for a wide range of students and teachers. Joel Ozretich, Instructor International & English Language Programs, University of Washington


1. Nouns

2. Adjectives

3. Verbs

4. Sentences and Phrases

5. Adverbs

6. Prepositional Phrases

7. Pronouns

8. The Passive Voice

9. Gerunds and Noun Phrases

10. Complements

11. Coordinating Conjunctions

12. Subordinating Conjunctions, Adverb Clauses

13. Adjective Clauses

14. Subject-verb Agreement

15. Noun Clauses

16. Tense and Time

17. Tenses – Past Events

18. Past Progressive Tense

19. Future time

20. Conditional Sentences

21. Modals and Auxiliary Verbs

22. Negations

23. Punctuation

24. Articles

25. Direct and Indirect Speech

26. Verbless Clauses, Comment Clauses, Absolute Phrases

27. Inversions

28. Contractions and Omissions

29. A Summary of Clauses and Phrases


The Author

Ira Boone

Ira Boone is the founder of Maria English Society. It is a God’s gift to the author, a special piece of luck, which has held for more than 60 years in his effort to study English. At the beginning, as anybody else, he felt the more he learned, the more he was confused with seemingly contradictory information. But, as luck would have it, he in the end uncovered the ultimate secrets of learning the language in a complete whole. The author has read countless grammar books, old and modern, and come to the conclusion that they all have done only half of their job by just explaining the 8 parts of speech as well as listing out the rules of the language. And these, in reality, mean not much to the students. Now, the author in his book “English for the Eager Learners” has completed the job with other more important half of the work of guiding the students to learn, training them to think and develop their memory, and particularly letting them understand the reasons behind the grammatical rules. So, this is, indeed, a perfect book with all the fundamental elements for the learners of English.

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